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Marie BorensteinBorn in Africa in 1949, Marie Borenstein immersed herself in this bewitching land for the most part of her childhood.

Up on her arrival in Belgium in the 60's, she's engulfed in Arts through the passion of her father and under his guidance she dedicates herself to studying Photography.

A globe trotter and an adventurer, she settles in Prague and becomes a successful and recognized business woman, setting up numerous enterprises such as the Patio déco.

In 2001 she returns to her first love and opens the "Nostress Café Gallery" in the historical neighborhood of Prague. Here she welcomes and exhibits famous artists as well as new talents.

Marie Borenstein loves the vulnerability of the moment, fleeting emotion that glimpses in a face, a passion. It is  through her vision that she immortalizes these precious moments of togetherness and offers them to you.